June Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair

If anyone loves being shower in sparkling fantasy, Hong Kong’s Jewelry Fair is a must-go. Each year, UBM Asia holds three jewelry fairs in Hong Kong, and the one in September is the most magnificent of all three. Truth has been told that the September Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair is so grand, it needs two exhibition centers to fulfill the capacity.

Our Durable Star team goes to June Hong Kong Jewelry Fair as a practice for September’s event. Yet we are in awe for the preparation and the amount of information we received during the fair.

“The June Fair is the only B2B event of its kind in the jewelry industry that occupies this unique mid-year slot. This is the best time to feel the pulse of the market, take stock and review one’s strategies, and place orders.”- Wolfram Diener, Senior Vice President, UBM Asia Ltd

However, out of all the beautiful gemstones, there is one particular item we have not seen at the fair – Star Stone. This shows how special this item is, it needs s specific technique to remain the quality and right now only y few companies who have the knowledge and skill to do so. Star Ruby and Star Sapphire reach to 9゜and we in the process developing a way to enhance its hardness even higher.